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środa, 20 stycznia 2010
Czy ja wspominalam?

1. Czy ja wspominalam, ze od 3-go stycznia mamy wzdluz ulicy kwitnace zonkile? Moze byly i wczesniej, ale dopiero 3-go zauwazylam, bo akurat wówczas poszlismy tam na spacer.... Teraz dalej kwitna - nawet snieg i mróz nie daly im rady!

2. Czy ja wspominalam, ze pisanie jest coraz bardziej wkurzajace? Przed chwila zrobilam dosc ciekawa w swojej formie notke, i wcale sie nie opublikowala. Malo tego, zniknela na wieki... :/

poniedziałek, 11 stycznia 2010
9th Jan 2010
P: "I went shopping to gets the cats food this morning, Asda was chock a block with people all filling up their trolleys, I think they all believe we will be cut off with by the snow for months."
* * *
...Well, it is possible - Poland and Germany are really struggling with snow at the moment... In Germany they suggested that people should stock-up on food, medicine, torches and candles...
I had done my "bigger" shopping on Monday last week knowing the forecast but I am now running out of things slowly. I was hoping to go out and buy some milk, etc. today but MMZ was still unwell (no temperature but not looking well in his face and complaining of a headache and a sore throat; plus, of course, yesterday's hoarse voice!) ;)
I stayed in bed till 10 am, then slow breakfast, then MMZ played on his comp and I finally put away the Xmas tree (I took it down after the 6th Jan but needed to box it and put it into a storage cupboard). While I was doing it I decided to start sorting out my papers (once again!) - but this time with a goal in mind to get to dispose of as much as possible. I am still a long way away from finishing as I later had to do some of the other chores and cook, etc. and then spent a lot of time with MMZ - laughing, talking, reading, singing even!
So now I shall try to do a bit more and then I am off to bed. Tomorrow - well, we will try to get to church (not sure what time) and then I shall carry on reading through the mountains of papers, etc....
Stay safe tomorrow (I wonder if it is going to snow or rain - the forecast is uncertain!)...
sobota, 09 stycznia 2010
8th Jan 2010

Zaczne od wiadomosci dla Mamy_Zochulka: poprzednio byly dwa wpisy, a nie tylko ten po angielsku.... to takie clue dla Ciebie na wypadek, gdyby okazalo sie, ze przegapilas! :P

* * *

... I checked Spotty this morning and realised that I have to change the engine oil very soon (the level is OK but it is rather black...). I drove Mike to school and had to park at that petrol station by V. as there was nowhere else safe to park... I got to work OK and then back home.
[picture to be inserted here at a later date - need to find that cable first...]
I am not planning on going out really anywhere (other than shopping for milk, etc.) as I am not feeling too good and Mike got a very harsh sounding voice; and now - while asleep - he has been coughing a lot and snoring! He did not look good this evening. :(
And on Sunday they are predicting snow for most of the day.... Our town is not the greatest of places to drive when it snows/has been snowing.... main roads might be OK but if one gets as far as SM's Ave it is already rather slippery. All of the roads off SM's are covered still in snow and are not the safest places to be!
7 stycznia 2010
... I kept watch this morning from 6 am hoping to be able to let MMZ sleep a bit longer, checking on the list of schools that would be closed... all other schools were closed but MMZ's announced after 7 am that it would be open! The car looked like one frozen lump; so I walked MMZ to school. The walk was a pleasant one [St.M + Wysokie Pole] but lots of cars skidding so scary at times.
I also slipped on one occasion [schodzac oblodzona alejka] but managed to keep my balance [i tylko naciagajac sobie przy tym ów miesien uszkodzony przed laty na black ice - myslalam potem, ze nie dojde do domu!]. When we got to school it turned out that they were keeping the school open for those who could safely get in! In MMZ's class there were 18 kids instead of 30+.
I walked back home [slisko przy strazy, wiec skrecilam zaraz i wracalam przez Królewska Trawe; przygoda z van'em i facetem z Connaught z Christchurch, a potem czekanie na Litwina i tabletki dla kota] and decided that it was too dangerous to drive. When I called the office all the others were there so I felt a bit of a prune! Still, I worked from home and then walked [up this time, i Blotnista Droga] to get MMZ before 6 pm. I like all this walking and I wish I could do it every day - but no such luck: I would never get to work or from work in time!
Very cold tonight - I can hear the snow when people walk by, which I know from Poland to be an indicator of temperatures well below freezing. I can hardly imagine what would happen if we run out of gas or electricity! Even with the heating on and the thermostat set to 20*C it feels cold and my fingers are stiff...
OK, I guess I will have no excuses tomorrow (unless Spotty fails to start!).... Got to show my face at work as I was asked today if I will... I hate the prospects of driving here in our hilly town in this weather with the summer tyres on!
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